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Wooden House


Rekindle your connection with nature

 Winfield Farms has been owned and operated by the Winfield family for over 100 years. Founded by William and Naomi Winfield, this family farm continues to undergo improvements to restore it to its modest country-life appeal prevalent in the designs of the early 1900's. The Winfield's raised their five children on the farm that was supported by the commercial sale of livestock, peanuts, corn, and soybean.  The family tended their vegetable  gardens, and pecan and fruit orchards. Our farm store will soon be located in the old barbershop, where William used to cut hair for the local men; and Naomi would offer a "press and curl" for the ladies.  We are dedicated to preserving the legacy of our family farm and to continuing to provide quality products to our customers.

To learn more about the Winfield family and the family farm, please click the link below.

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